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Jisabella- initial Sketch by Scary-Monsterxx Jisabella- initial Sketch :iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 9 18
Like a zit?
Screamed out my pent up emotion towards the disgusting parasites, that so long ago buried themselves inside the deepest layers of my skin.
They resist outright, but begin to squirm under the slightest pressure of my thumb.
I bleed because of it. And I can't stand it; Letting the thick, nauseating fluids ooze at a painfully slow rate...
Out of the explosive cyst they've created.
I'll finally squeeze it. Let it pop. And splatter everywhere.
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 1 0
Stomach squeezing
  I swallowed bricks
forcing them down my throat
pulling bits of teeth
tearing the inside of my mouth
ripping my lips
Choking on blood
My stomach was so heavy
I pulled myself up
And it all fell out.
My stomach
so heavy
I tried to put it back. it spurt blood and acid. Burning my arms, my face. I squeezed too hard.
I broke it completely.
Enraged with my failure, my mistake.. I burned it.  
I was the only one who could hear the screams. It's utter agony, dying slowly. Hurt by my betrayal. I'm the one who ate the bricks. It was obvious that this would happen. So why did I blame my stomach for it?
Because it's not my fault, even though it is. I'll live with the gaping hole in my body. I can stand now.
But I still sat near it, waiting. Then I stomped on the ashes.
I could laugh at this now. My cruelty to a little piece of me.
And I'll never have nightmares!
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 1 18
Untitled - 1. Choked
Sadists surrounded him.
  Watching him tremble, skin soaked in cold sweat and goosebumps. Sitting shirtless, restrained by spiked wires that were digging into his muscles. Squeezing deeper every time he breathed. His skin was leaking red and taking on a livid hue. The parts of his face that weren't obstructed by that horrendous muzzle were a strangled purple. His eyes were bloodied and swollen.
They were all around him. Noiselessly eating their dinner, selfishly enjoying themselves in his face.
She sat with her back against the door, knees to her chin. What a cruel sight.
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 1 14
December Stokley
Choke on all of the internal organs I push down your throat
Sowed on middle fingers
Piercing the eyelids of your favorite hate
Leave the bodies here to rot
During the Slaughter
Though in some cases, it was already too late
Tears stream onto her tongue
Please don't patronize me
Staring blanky at a room full of candy
You are already considered dead
Syringe full of Bright green
She couldn't save the one immortal, who would not be killed
Eyeballs rolled into her skull
Her veins still pulsate
Her skin a mess of distorted colors
Permanently bruised
Because nothing can nullify this life. And she can never convince herself otherwise, as the melancholic feelings have been shot into her open wounds, oozing into puddles of scarlet. That is the relentless gloom to be felt when she wears a lurid smile.
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 1 0
Executioner kills with a twisted metal scythe.
Headless Bunnies kill with venemous bites.
Headless Bunnies with wings terrorize the skies.
Headless Bunnies with spikes protruding from their limbs gaurd the Livid Bunny Kingdom.
This is where the Monstrous Bunny Queen lives.
She has a pink bunny tail and floppy Bunny ears, and sharp claws used to maul her victims before cooking and eating them at one of her tea parties.
Isn't that adorable?
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 3 6
Only a Nightmare
Only a Nightmare
When the cold Unfeeling blade scaped my skin, I winced.
   As I stared into the reflection, it seemed to ask;
"What are you waiting for?"
  I bit my lip.  
"You're a coward." Came the acidic repsonse.
  My fingers trembled as I seached for the words.
They were lost in a thick smog, the smell of lies permeated the air.
  "You're just going to stand there?"
No. I'm going to use this knife to cut myself open.
  I wish I had said that.
The knife kept talking to me--- It's words were poison darts,
  puncturing my skin and crawling around in side of me.
"You foolish Wench. Can you even harm yourself without messing up?"
  "Bu-" I opened my mouth. The words clung to my lips, refusing to let go.
"Stop stalling, just get it over with, You waste of flesh!"
   My eyes stung, My lip quivered.
I clench the knife tightly.A small puncture made my hands cry red tears.
  They l
:iconscary-monsterxx:Scary-Monsterxx 5 4
I try my hardest! Huge boobs, tiny waists and big hips! This anatomy doesn't make any sense! But.. for some reason, it's oohhh sooo sexy. :iconirapeitplz:


Texture 292 by Sirius-sdz Texture 292 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 123 17 Texture 257 by Sirius-sdz Texture 257 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 71 4 Texture 255 by Sirius-sdz Texture 255 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 153 20 Texture 256 by Sirius-sdz Texture 256 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 218 35 Texture 259 by Sirius-sdz Texture 259 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 188 38 Texture 260 by Sirius-sdz Texture 260 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 149 6 Texture 309 by Sirius-sdz Texture 309 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 662 98 5k by schnotte 5k :iconschnotte:schnotte 132 6 breakdown by schnotte breakdown :iconschnotte:schnotte 146 3 Deserted Sanctuary IV by AbandonedZone Deserted Sanctuary IV :iconabandonedzone:AbandonedZone 145 8 Doors by AbandonedZone Doors :iconabandonedzone:AbandonedZone 202 7 Deserted Sanctuary V by AbandonedZone Deserted Sanctuary V :iconabandonedzone:AbandonedZone 595 39 Under the Stork's Nest by AbandonedZone Under the Stork's Nest :iconabandonedzone:AbandonedZone 569 34 Waiting for better days by Matthias-Haker Waiting for better days :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 3,892 124 You're So Sweet You Put Hershey's Out of Business by Spasm101 You're So Sweet You Put Hershey's Out of Business :iconspasm101:Spasm101 2 0 Sharing is Caring by Spasm101 Sharing is Caring :iconspasm101:Spasm101 3 4


I'm sorry for being dead. There's just alot of stuff going on lately. I got a boyfriend, and fell in love with him. But things aren't going well right now because of me. And it's like.. agonizing. Oh, I also turned 17. And had the perfect birthday because of my Boyfriend. <3
But because of so much that's happening, my art production has been suffering. Also, because I'm developing all the characters and story, trying to get more organized before jumping into my new account.
There's just alot right now. Uhm, I'm abandoning this account and I'm going to start anew. I know I still owe many people things, and I ask they send me reminders and continue to be patient with me.

Also, my new account, which is going to be a totally new start, is named TheSickener. My new screen name that I love. <3
So, See everyone there.

ALSO, I will be deactivating this account very soon, after giving enough time for everyone to see this journal.……
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